Product Overview

Fully managed Search engine platform. Start indexing documents and deploying search apps without a hassle.

  • Indexing data with the Developer API or our built-in applications
  • Fully managed Search App with custom domain
  • Data access storage. Monitoring and dashboard

Support over 32 languages.

Geospatial data and Nearby search.

Customize Synonyms

  • usa = united states of america


  • discover = discovered, discovering

  • павильонам = павильон


Seamless integration with the Search platform.

Digital Publishing

Publishing platforms for sharing digital collections and creating media-rich online exhibits.

Integrated Library System

Cloud-based library services platform for every library size from national library to school.

Why Dimdata for Enterprise Search ?

It's hard to implement and maintain a self-hosted search engine.

Search millions of records slower and sometimes system down.

Spent more time on security and data backup.

Over a million valuable documents have never been discovered.