Semesta Cloud


Transform your library with the power of the Semesta Integrated Library System

Lower man powercost

From servers to network, we monitor everything efficiently.

Simple Search, No need keywords

Search with a simple query and refine the results with faceted categories.

Easy to start

Just install on at least 1 pc with internet connection per library. and all done.


Reduce cost, reduce complexity. With Semesta cloud you can avoid expensive server purchase, setup and maintenance cost.

Friendly MARC Standard

Semesta redesigns the cataloging experience on MARC standard that meets all level of librarian.

Instant OPAC

You can access your OPAC within 10 minutes with domain mapping "" or "".

Multi branches Library

Enable multi branches Library nation wide or worldwide. does not reqire your own data center.

Work online and offline

Librarian can work as usual even without internet connection. Auto sync when available.

Branding & Customizations

Transform your OPAC to match your brand. With familiar customization tools and themes.

Hybrid Cloud Library

Only OPAC is a web-based. Librarian work on Native client application.

Auto backup

Automatically backup your biblio, items and all necessary data to the cloud. You can restore anytime.

Flexible and Adaptable with easy configuration

Semesta designed to adapt to your needs all while simplifying configuration.

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