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Search results interface

Let's start

You can start search with keyword or hit search button without keyword to show all resource.
All Fields (Keyword),Title, Series, Subject
- To search for a specific type of metadata, select it from the All fields dropdown menu.

Search result

Results are ranked by their relevance to your search terms, based on:
- where the words appear in the record (words in the title are ranked higher than words in the content notes)
- proximity to the beginning of the title, subject, author, etc.
- number of occurrences of the term within the record

Functions on search result

Summary: Show biblio summary or TOC
Preview: Show items status, Locations and access digital file if available
Select: Select biblio to add to basket

Refine your results with limits

Use the limits in the left sidebar to:
- get an overview of the results of your search
- refine the results to a smaller, more focused set.

Once you select a limit, it remains in effect until you remove it: that is, any new search terms you enter in the search box also be limited by the selected values.

Search with Operators

Boolean operators allow terms to be combined with logic operators. The following operators are allowed: AND, +, OR, NOT and -.

Note: Boolean operators must be ALL CAPS
More Search Operators

Advanced search

To access Advaned search click on ADVANCED link locate near search box
Use advanced search when you need to:
- combine two or more specific fields
- do complex Boolean logic

Result of Advanced search

Example of advance search result in Biblio containing the words "new" and "world" in book format, and location which is located at center library.