DIMDATA FilePackager 5.1

FilePackager is designed to let you create Self-Extractor zip files secured, quickly and easily.


Compress files and can extract itself no need zip applications.

Standard Compression

Create self-extracting Zip files for the traditional PKZIP 2.04g compression method. Also supports the Deflate64?, and BWT methods.

Create smaller installation system

Creat windows installer or software updates. Changing the system registry, Create shortcut and register dll files.

Fully customize package interface

Display a custom license agreement with configurable accept and refuse buttons, Customize all other messages, prompts and button captions.

Strong file encryption

Create self-extracting Zip files that support AES encryption 128 to 256-bit key.

Client-Side Encryption

The keys are never stored in unencrypted form on the other side. Accessing files is only possible with a user’s unique private decryption key.

Save script file

Customize the self-extracting zip files using configuration files. You can build again with saved script file.

Unlimited size

Allowing the creation of self-extracting Zip files of practically unlimited size with new compression method Deflate64? (more than 4 GB), which can contain a practically unlimited number of archived files.

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